Four String Binder for Bamboo Fly Rods

Four String Binder for Bamboo Fly Rods

Four String Binder 253x168 150x150 Four String Binder for Bamboo Fly Rods

Four String Binder, Motorized


Brasstown Creek began using a Garrison style binder to provide the binding force holding final planed strips together while the glue set on each section.  A Garrison style binder uses one string, so each six-strip section must be passed through twice (the second time with the binding string set to wrap in the opposite direction).  This is necessary to provide a counter to the torque that results from the first pass and thus eliminate, as much as possible, the resulting twist to the sections of your bamboo fly rods.

But we recently acquired a motorized four string binder and now use it exclusively.  A four string binder is constructed such that two spools of twine wrap the rod section in a clockwise direction and two more spools of string wrap in a counterclockwise direction.  This provides a torque and counter torque to the section with only one pass of the section.  The two differently colored twine serve simply to show contrast as the different colors wrap in clockwise and counterclockwise directions.  We have cheap sections of PVC pipe inserted into the entrance and exit points of the bamboo sections which can be removed for cleaning or, when glue becomes a problem, simply replaced at little cost.  This really helps with clean up.

To help with the process, we installed a foot pedal that lets us control the electric power to the four string binder thus freeing up both hands to feed the rod section through the binder. It is a simple device, purchased on Amazon; the foot pedal plugs into the power source, then the Four String Binder plugs into the foot pedal.

Note that the masking tape and tan paper are used to facilitate clean-up of the binding glue.