Preparing Nickel Silver Ferrules

Preparing Nickel Silver Ferrules before affixing them to your fly rod is very important.  Most Bamboo Fly Rod builders and makers use Nickel Silver Ferrules on their rods.  Generally, these ferrules will have to be lapped and their tabs will need to be feathered.  If the owner prefers, then the tabs will also need to be crowned.

But regardless of where you purchase your ferrules, before you begin the lapping process, you should always:

1.  Clean the inside of the male and female ferrules where they mate with the bamboo.  This is important to make sure your epoxy has a clean metal to adhere to.  In addition, and this is especially important with ferrules made from solid nickel silver bar stock, there can also be metal residue which should be cleaned.  We use Q-Tips dipped in alcohol or acetone to take care of this.

2.  BEFORE you begin to lap the male slides, check the interior of the female ferrule where it mates with the male ferrule slide for burrs.  We suggest that if you have any question at all about the smoothness of this portion of the ferrule, take some 0000 Steel Wool, wrap it around a Q-Tip and spin the steel wool around inside the ferrule until you are sure there are no burrs and the nickel silver is as smooth as you can get it.  Then clean it with a Q-Tip dipped in either alcohol or acetone to insure there is no metal residue.

Now you can lap the male ferrule slide.