Furled Leader Information

Brasstown Creek now offers Blue Sky brand Furled Tapered Leaders.  These Blue Sky Furled Leaders are hand made from over 90 feet (27m) of premium nylon.  All Blue Sky leaders use the no knot loop-to-loop method for attaching to your fly line; this means you can quickly switch to another Blue Sky leader in seconds.

The furling process results in a built-in stretch factor of 10-15% which serves as shock absorber.  It also provides a suppleness that helps your fly turn over.  The standard Blue Sky Furled Leader is 5 feet 9 inches (1.75m) long while the StillWater Leaders are 8 ft. 4 in. long.  To this leader, you add a tippet of appropriate length and strength.

Although not essential, you can add a short “extender section” between the Blue Sky Furled Leader and your Tippet.  This can add additional life to the already longer life of the Blue Sky Furled Leaders.

Blue Sky Furled Leaders are woven with nylon that has neutral buoyancy. This nylon allows anglers fishing with “wet” flies to the leader and fly down to the chosen depth.  On the other hand, you can treat your leader with an application of floatant to help keep your dry fly on top.  Brasstown Creek uses Red Tin Mucilin as a floatant (Red Tin Mucilin is also what we use on our Silk Fly Line). Occasional re-application may be necessary, just as it is for your dry fly.

Brasstown Creek carries three following varieties of Blue Sky Furled Leaders.

The Light Furled Leader is for 3-5 wt. fly line;

The Medium Furled Leader is for 6-8 wt. fly line;

The Stillwater Light Furled Leader is for 3-5 wt. fly line.