Reel Seat Alignment

This describes a technique to more easily align a reel seat on your bamboo fly rod blank.

1 The components you will need include a Tom Morgan Reel Seat Alignment Jig, a JD Wagner Dipping Plug, a rubber band, and some binding cord (or other thin yet strong twine). Reel Seat Alignment Parts
2 Attaching a rubber band to the twine will provide a source of tension to keep the twine taught so you can confirm the reel seat is aligned with the flat.
3 We use a Dipping Plug from JD Wagner to secure the twine in the female ferrule. This allows the twine to be lined up over the flat to which your stripper guide is affixed. You must be sure to adjust the twine so that it can be centered along your selected flat. Affixing twine to the female ferrule
4 Tape your Stripper Guide onto the selected flat of your Bamboo Blank, then run the twine through it so you will have a reference for aligning the Reel Seat.
5 The twine is run along the center of the selected flat from where the twine is secured in the female ferrule, through the Stripper Guide, to where the Rubber Band is secured over the Reel Seat Alignment Jig. Overview of Reel Seat Alignment
6 The Reel Seat Alignment Jig is secured in the Reel Seat. Then the Rubber Band is placed over the Pin and the Rubber Band provides the tension necessary to be sure the twine is centered along the flat and through the Guide.